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First time I participated in such a big event like [livejournal.com profile] tgwtgbigbang's Reverse Big Bang. It was a fun experience and hope that I'll able to attend next year and actually finish things on time *coughfailedattemptforregularBigBangcough*

Reverse TGWTG Big Bang 2013
Description of drawing : In a dark room where the only source of lighting comes from the city lights out of the window, Luke is sitting on the floor with his arm severed and partially detached from his body while Oancitizen is leaning over him.

Artist's commentary on the drawing : The idea I had in mind for the Reverse Big Bang was basically a more optimistic Cyberpunk story but without removing the elements that make that genre what it is, I had the characters, their functions and motivations in mind and the setting. For the composition of the drawing I wanted to showcase from the get-go the background, which were inspired by the cinematography of Blade Runner, and the characters going through an important part of the plot : an android's questioning of his possible humanity. The structure of the room is based on a San Franciscan hotel room. On the technical side of things, I used a 2B pencil for the basic necessary like perspectives, characters, buildings and objects. Then I used color crayons to color the characters, the painting and sofa in the background. For the cityscape I outlined the buildings with oil pastels, also used it for coloring the walls and floor. To create the night sky and complete darkness in the room I poured purple ink over my drawing and then quickley mopp it up so not to damage the drawing. This also how I made the reflections in the window blurry.

Link to [livejournal.com profile] obnoxiousamy's story. Read it you smeghead because it's really one of the best thing I've ever read.
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