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This is the timeline of all the events of the Denny's Verse, combining the historical events and the order of which the fanfictions occured. However the order of the fanfictions (which was based on [livejournal.com profile] achika_chan's timeline) and some the dates and details were theorized by me so if you want to take a stand to that or noticed that I made grave mistakes, please voice your opinion and correct me in the comment section.

It is a work in progress (This is page will be updated each time a new element is introduced in the verse).

I accept all the help so please, do tell me if there any mistakes present in the guide in the comment section.

1641 : Eileen Briggs, a human woman, was killed by a member of the Coven during the invasion of Ireland by the British. Upon her death, she was transfigured into the angel known as Little Miss Gamer.

1651 : Cinema Snob was hanged at Tyburn. He would be hanged again voluntary at the same place six months later.

1663 : Godin de Sainte-Croix (Sad Panda's real name) learned about poisons from his cellmate, Exili in the Bastille.

1666 : Godin de Sainte-Croix (Sad Panda) and his lover; Madame d'Aubray, Marquise de Brinvilliers killed her father and two of her brothers to inherit their estates. They were accused of poisoning poor people at hospitals.

1666 : ATG, Nostalgia Critic and The Other Guy died in the Great Fire of London were they made a deal with Satan to come back to the land of the living, in consequence they became part of the supernatural.

1672 : Godin the Sainte-Croix and Christophe Glaser (Ed Glaser's real name) "died" and were turned into vampires by a pair of aristocratic siblings. Sad Panda created the Nomads with Ed Glaser as its 1rst member.

1676 : Madame D'Aubray was beheaded and burned at the stake after being found guilty for the Affair of the Poisons.

1682 : Dena, mistress of a nobleman was found guilty of witchcraft by the nobleman's wife for making her barren and micarrying. When in fact it was Dena who gave birth to the child, jealous the wife killed Dena's baby and make it seem like it was hers and that it miscarried. Dena was turned by Sad Panda in her cell, and together they killed the wife after making her write a confession.

1812-1815 : The War of 1812. Phelous and Cinema Snob partook in it, one on the British side and the other one on the American side.

1816 : Philip (Phelous' real name) and Cinema Snob met and had a sexual encounter in the woods. “Bloody History Stories”.

1823 : Scarlett was turned into a vampire, where she belonged to Ivan's Court until Spoony took over.

1848 : Philip (Phelous) met Dena and became so enchanted by her that he joined the Nomads in order for the two of them to be together. “Bloody History Stories”.

1863 : Jaeris was turned into a vampire during the American Civil War.

1865 : Michael (Mike J's real name), a disgraced marine from an aristocratic family was lured in by Dena and Phelous to be turned into a vampire by Sad Panda. “Bloody History Stories”.

1867 : Marzgurl and Nostalgia Chick, two suffragettes, were turned by a vampire on their way to a protest rally.

1875 : Googles, a french prostitute, was turned by Ed Glaser. “Bloody History Stories”.

1885 : Takes place at the same time as 1rst part of “Echoes of Blood”. Spoony was killed by Ivan and turned into a vampire. “Blind in Darkness”.

1887 : Insano was turned into a vampire by Spoony in order to save his life after being tortured by Ivan and the Order for two years. Spoony killed Ivan and became the new Vampire Lord. “Echoes of Blood” - part 2 (following the aftermath of "Blind in Darkness").

1887-1917 : Insano is attacked by a group of vampires after being mistaken for his brother. “The Geminis”

1887-1917 : Luther tries to kill Insano in order to salvage his soul. He battled with and was killed by Spoony. “Disclaiming Innocence”.

1887-1917 : Eowyn is send by the Order to kill Spoony and Insano after Luther's defeat. Spoony performs a mercy kill on her. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”

1912 : Luke was turned by Dena and Phelous after stepping down from the train in Chicago. “Bloody History Stories”.

1917 : Cinema Snob joins Spoony's court. “For we are kin”

1917 : “Drowning”. Spoony and Insano have a confrontation.

1927 : Spoony and ATG make a deal at the Palace. “Prohibition”

1993 : Nostalgia Chick and Marzgurl bought a Ma and Pa shop established in 1934 and turned it into the "50 Shades of Green and Lattes".

2009 : Paw left his pack after killing his leader, Caine.

2009 : “Linkara meets Harvey Finevoice for the first time”

2009 : “Through Their Eyes”. Nora and Alex blunder into Spoony’s territory and lots of sex happens as a result. Wait, that came out wrong.

2009 : “Reading The Core Rulebook”. Linkara is the new Slayer in town, he's trying his best but Spoony is not your typical vampire Lord nor is his clan, so Snob decides to introduce him to their basic rules.

2011 : “The dirty little secret”. The slayer comes face to face with someone the vampire lord would probably rather he didn't and receives a gift that's been waiting for him.

2011 : “Linkara goes to see Spoony after his introduction to Insano”.

2011 : “Spoony and Insano talk about the new Slayer”

2011 : “Evoke”. Certain vampire Twin is feeling down and Snob decides show him why he shouldn't.

2011 : “Vampire Lord Spoony contemplates the new slayer”

2011 : ”3 AM” After a long night of patrolling, a vampire slayer walks into Denny's and accidentally winds up sharing a meal and deal with the leader of the vampire council. The fanfiction was the one that started the verse.

2011 - Two Days Later : Investigation into Hemos. “An Accord”. Having investigated the vampire lord's proposed deal, the slayer finds himself back in the vampire's lair.

2011 - Few Weeks Later : Investigation into human trafficking. “Bite”. The slayer needs a little assistance getting into somewhere for an investigation. Vampire Lord Spoony is all too happy to help.

2011 : “Reminders”. The Slayer's finished his investigation of the human traffickers, but there's still the problem of that mark on his neck.

2011 : “Saved”. The slayer is near death and help comes in vampire form.

2011 : "You lose your heartaches". An alternate ending to "Reminders".

2011 : “Friends, Allies, and Everything In Between”. Six other people in the Vampire-verse and what they do there.

2011 : “Linkara meets 90s Kid for the first time”

2011 : “The Lord (of Tekken)”. 90s Kid finds a new video game buddy in an unexpected place.

2011 : “Be it Fahrenheit or Centigrade”. 90s Kid is determined to get Harvey to sing, but Harvey doesn't think that's such a good idea.

2011 : "The Christmas Play". 90's kid and friend decide to put on a Christmas play for the vampires... kind-of....

2011 : “Insomnia and Hunger”. Two moments of relative quiet.

2011 : “Folie à Deux”. The Slayer dreams.

2011 : ”Illness”. The Slayer gets sick and the Vampire Lord doesn't quite know how to deal with that.

2011 : “A Day in the Life”. A typical day in the life of 90s Kid.

2011 : “Bruises”. 90s Kid comes over with a black eye. Harvey wants to dash someone against the rocks.

2011 : “Insano has a particularly strong vision and Linkara is unsure how to help”.

2011 : “Farewell”. A Summons from the Vampire High Council forces a decision out of the slayer.

2011 : “The Morning After”. The slayer wakes up alone and is none to pleased about it, so he pays a visit to a certain insane scientist.

2011 : “Timestamp: The Morning After, immediately following”.

2011 : “Insano's thoughts during his and Linkara's second kiss”.

2011 : “Waking up”. Harvey gets woken up in the middle of the night and Linkara speaks up.

2011 : “Second Chance (to get the first one right)”. Harvey's determination to be a good guy causes misunderstandings and angst.

2011 : “Timestamp: Second Chance, 90s Kid kisses Harvey the first time”.

2011 : “90s Kid convinces Harvey to sing for him a second time”.

2011 : “Harvey takes 90s Kid out on a date”.

2011 : “The High Council”. Vampire Lord Spoony defends himself at the High Council, and a certain someone who makes the Council very uneasy makes a cameo.

2011 : “Speak of (and ye shall receive)”. A certain visitor both unnerves and reassures the slayer.

2011 : “Timestamp: Speak of, Critic in the graveyard”.

2011 : “Miscommunication”. The Vampire Lord has been making decisions concerning the Slayer without actually consulting him. Linkara is not amused.

2011 : “The Night was calling”. The slayer gets caught coming home late.

2011 - One Month later from "Farewell" : “Return”. The vampire lord's returned and finds out exactly what the mice were up to while the cat was away.

2011 : “Linkara finds Spoony's sand clock collection”.

2011 : “A Sinner's Mind is a Sanctum”. The Vampire Lord's reputation stands for a reason, Linkara doesn't take it very well.

2011 : “In Between”. The Vampire Lord sets an encounter between himself, his Childe and the Slayer.

2011 : “Family Reunions”. Linkara returns to the Order to help train some young slayers and learns two things: He isn't the good little Slayer he used to be, and ghost stories can have a basis in reality.

2011 : “Visit”. Insano gets a visitor in his lab.

2011 : “Missing”. When his brother goes missing, Vampire Lord Spoony accepts help in finding him.

2011 : “Insano gets grounded after the events of Missing”.

2011 : “Insano tries to convince Linkara to get him un-grounded”.

2011 : “4 Times Linkara mistook Spoony for Insano, and one time Spoony took advantage of it”.

2011 : “4 Times someone tried to use Vampire Lord Spoony's relationship with Insano against him, and 1 time they succeeded”.

2011 : “Nocturnification”. The Slayer lost a fight against a Nomad vampire and is feeling down, but The Vampire Lord is there to confront him. In the meantime a Wayward Slayer is crossing town and misunderstandings happen.

2011 : The Cat was turned into a vampire by Sad Panda. “Cat’s Eye”. Where we find out what happened after SadPanda claimed his "reward" that resulted from his battle with Linkara.

2011 : “Midnight Feeding“. SadPanda sees to it that TheCat fully loses all hope in reclaiming her humanity. Including taking part in a feeding of a teenage boy that turns out to be a friend of 90s Kid.

2011 : “In the Land of Killers”. Spoony takes in his own hands the task of teaching SadPanda and his clan that his rules are not meant to be broken.

2011 : “Lacrimosa” Part 1; Part 2. A chance encounter between a slayer and a fledging in the park that night. A fledgling that once ago was once a girl Linkara could never save but things get complicated when the Wayward Slayer and Cat's sire show up. Meanwhile, Phelous recovers from his brush-in with Cinema Snob.

2011 : “Around the World (Around the World)”. Story featuring Welshy, Iron Liz, SadPanda's Nomads, and more.

2011 : “Promises, Promises” Part 1; Part 2; Part 3. A man, beaten and bloody, needs a meal. Spoony, curious, buys him one. A spectacular lack of shenanigans ensue.

2011 : "Waxing Moon". A newly turned wolf looks for answers and mercy from the Vampire Lord and the Slayer.

2011 : “The Alternative”. All it takes is one person to throw your world out of sync.

2011 : "Ask For Answers". Emotions work in strange ways, especially for the supernatural.

2011 : “Heaven Sent”. The Slayer gets dragged into a friend's family issues when the Critic's oldest brother demands a family reunion.

2011 : "The incubus and the Priest". Vampires are the least of Priest Suede's problems.

2011 : “Night Terrors of the Flesh”. Father Suede's dream begins to turn into a nightmare of sinful delights when the incubus enters his mind.

2011 : “Date Night”. All Linkara wanted was a date-- just him, the Vampire Lord, and no interruptions. Naturally that meant he got IHOP, far too many visitors, and pretty much exactly what he should have expected from this city at Four AM.

2011 : “The Greatest Thrill Is Not To Kill”. A angel and a demon discuss matters of the heart and possession while a demi-goddess tries to take someone the demon desires for her own personal uses. A fight within the church breaks out.

2011 : “Confessional” Part 1; Part 2. Suede confronts Critic about what should and shouldn’t be said to the Vampire Lord.

2011 : “A Daywalker Among Us” Part 1; Part 2. A victim of a vampire attack in the hospital leads to the revelation of an dhampir within the city.

2011 : “50 Shades of Green of Lattes”. Come on in, grab a book, and enjoy a cup of coffee. Smarty experiences his first day on the job working at the cafe bookstore.

2011 : “Always My Brother”. Weeks later, Angela is out of the hospital and Smarty must confess to her the secret of what he truly is, can she handle it ?

2012 : “The Necklace”. During their travels, SadPanda gives his childe a gift and asks her a modest proposal.

2012 : "Sacrament Vitae" Part 1; Part 2; Part 3. "With this I bind my blood to your blood; my heart to your heart; my life to your life; my soul to your soul." - when a vampiric wedding ritual is crashed by none other than CR and JO, Welshy and SadPanda must put aside their rivalry to rescue both a vampire bride and a captured wayward slayer's partner.

2012 : "A Tragedy For My Sweetheart" Part 1; Part 2. It was only a matter of time until she asked him about his past, who sired him, and the woman behind the name he whispered to her every night. And he knew it was only a matter of time until he had to face it.

2012 : "Welshy's Vacation". Welshy gets healed via cheap magic, becomes a sellsword, and witnesses a lot of strange stuff in Happy Viking's Court.

2012 : 90s Kid turns 18, he and Harvey can finally make love.

2012 : Battle between The High Council and The Order Vs Spoony's Court, Linkara, The Slayers, The Nomads and all the supernatural forces associated with Spoony and Linkara.

2012 : The City, ruled by Linkara and Spoony, becomes an independent state from all the high powers (High Council and The Order) with its own Threshold.

2012 : "Like Humans Do". 90's Kid meets Harvey's Coworker Beatrice Sharp.

2012 : "Dancer in the Dark" Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8; Part 9; Part 10; Part 11. After two people escape from an underground science lab, their only hope of refuge lies in the City and their only hope of protection lies with the Vampire Lord.

2012 - Takes place during "Dancer in the Dark". "Blood Moon" Part 1; Part 2. It's a full moon, and Linksano is feeling a little hungry. Luckily, Harvey knows there's a Potter's Field at hand.

2012 : "Lawful Seduction". Critic is having a bad week. Ama helps him feel better.

2012 : "Forever at the Edge of the City". They stand at the brink, on the edge. They rise together, they fall together, side by side.

2012 : "The Runaway Slayer" Part 1; Part 2. She never thought she’d actually do it. But she did, and she can’t stop running.

2012 : “Orientation”. Snob tells Rachel and Jaeris the people and places of the city.

2012 : "Lullaby" Part 1; Part 2. Jaeris tells Rachel a bedtime story.

2012 : "Dancing to Hell" Part 1; Part 2; Part 3. Benzaie’s up to his old tricks, but Little Miss Gamer may be able to stop him. Too bad she has to make a sacrifice in return.

2012 : "Formal Assignments" Part 1; Part 2. Jaeris and Rachel begin their official duties.

2012 : "Iscariot" Part 1; Part 2. Linkara checks in with a few friends.

2012 - A week or two later : "Lady of the Sun" Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4. She has her place. Her scars can be erased. But memories cannot be healed.

2012 : "How Far Have We Fallen". Where we learn what becomes of LMG and Benzaie after their sentence is passed.

2012 : "Scream, Scream, Scream". Halloween Night in Town. The Moon is Full and the Spooks and Ghouls are about. The Banshee cries for someone tonight. Will you be safe tonight ?

2012 : "Nightmare Night". Side story of Scream, Scream, Scream. A start of a new relationship.

2012 : "This is Halloween". Ama experiences her first Halloween.

2012 : "I’ll be Home for Christmas". Denny's Court Christmas story with my OC Beatrice Sharp.

2012 : "A Christmas Surprise". Christmas time with Critic and Ama.

2012 : "Vengeful Demons" Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5. Critic is called to investigate and rescue a sister from the Sisters of the Blessed Morning, who is captured and threatened by a pair of demons.

2012 - Two Days Later : "Human Weakness Is Fallible". After hearing about Sister Mary Lindsay (LMG) being attacked by demons, Benzaie goes to check up on here and find in her human emotions she has never dealt with before.

2012 : "Baring The Soul" Part 1; Part 2. After paying a visit to LMG at the convent, Benzaie goes to see Father Suede and lays things out on the line for him.

2012 : "The Secrets An Angel's Dreams Holds" Part 1; Part 2; Part 3. Lately, Little Miss Gamer has been having strange dreams that seem to be telling her something, and Benzaie with the help of his friend search the Coven archives for answers and come up with a interesting discovery into the former Guardian Angel's past life.

2012 : "The Nice and Accurate Stories of Sursum Ursa, Witch". Sursum Ursa, witch, arrives in the City, becomes roommates with the Porn Critic, joins a D&D group, meets a zombie, and invokes an archaic law to save the life of her not-boyfriend.

2012 : "Fairy Lights" Part 1; Part 2. There have always been colored lights in the garden at night. Martin has always heard them calling him to join them, but his strict father and stifling life means he doesn’t listen…until he meets a real fairy for himself.

2013 : "Official Duties" Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5. Linkara takes Rachel on her first mission.

2013 : "Bloodlines" Part 1; Part 2. An unexpected visitor arrives in the city.

2013 : Another Cup of Coffee. The coffee shop is a busy place. You never know what will be said, or who will be listening.

2013 : Calvary. The death of Suede. “And when they were come to the place, which is called Calvary, there they crucified him, and the malefactors, one on the right hand, and the other on the left. Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:33-34

2013 : "Persephone" Part 1; Part 2. Do not ever hope to see Paradise/Through me the way to the city of woe/Through me the way to everlasting pain/Abandon All Hope, ye who enter here. - Dante's Inferno. Benzaie takes his precious prize at long last to be his bride and mate after waiting for so long.

2013 : They All Forget I Had A Choice, You Know. Dragged down to Hell, Father Suede faces the greatest test of his Faith yet.

2013 : The New Priest. Ma-Ti comes to his new church, conducts a funeral, and sits through a rather awkward dinner party.

2013- Three Days Later : A Conversation. Ama visits the church and talks with its new priest.

2013 : Triggered. While over at Linkara's house, Ama sees her tormenter Dr. Block on TV and has a panic attack.

2013 : "The Trial of Linkara". Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8; Part 9; Part 10; Part 11; Part 12; Part 13; Part 14; Part 15. Linkara is blamed for Suede's murder, which creates a big shakeup in the Court and the supernatural world. Resulting in what could be that could be the end of the masquerade.

2013 : Within the Thick of It All. A few denizens of The Unified Court have their say in taking sides, and a few make sure certain things go smoothly without a hitch.

2013 : The Neighbor. Ama meets her nosy and disapproving neighbor, Mrs. Finn.

2013 : Law and Disorder. Smarty and everyone's reaction to Linkara being arrested, all the while his father watching in the shadows. When one of their friends is attacked, Chick starts to have doubts of her own what could happen to The City.

2013 : Winter Fun ?. Linksano and Ama come over it visit N and his family. Ama gets some training done with B.

2013 : Night Time Conversation. Critic and Ama discuss the Trial and Critic's plan to keep Ama safe.

2013 : Though My Heart is Breaking. They knew they were doing the right thing, the only safe thing. That didn't mean that it wasn't breaking their hearts.

2013 : Security Blanket. A security blanket can be many sizes and colors. It can be soft, fuzzy, or scratchy. And sometimes it comes in the form of a tattered black jacket.

2013 : Only A Way a Mother Can Be There for You. Rachel heads to the hospital to get a Pre-Natal Checkup, while there, Smarty and Angela make a tough decision that would affect them both as brother and sister.

2013 : Lonely Nights. Critic deals with Ama being gone.

2013 : Linksano in Chains. The blood moon is tonight, and Ama knows she can't let Linksano run free. The solution: Chain him up !

2013 : For My Love On Christmas. It was a rule that they couldn't communicate while she was out of the City. But it's the Christmas season, and rules are made to be broken. Especially if your brother is literally Santa.

2013 : Hello, Doc. Linksano visits an all night coffee shop/diner and runs into someone very familiar. Someone he'd rather not see.

2013 : Some Dessert To Break The Ice. Angela needs help investigating something, and she looks for just the person to help her get some info.

2013 : Hearing Things. Angela asked Critic to do a bit of recon. So what better place than Fifty Shades of Green ?

20XX : Welshy not being able to kill Sad Panda after all of the members of the Nomads abandoned him, Sad Panda turns him into a vampire where the two of them roam the earth. May be interpreted as a real event or just a dream of Sad Panda.
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