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After re-reading the entirety of the verse, I thought that there should be some sort of reference sheet explaining the whole verse so that new people can understand it and/or established fans refresh their memory.

This guide will be split in two parts : the basics of the characters PLUS a list of characters that haven't appeared in the verse yet, so that it can inspire and help people when writing in the verse.

It is a work in progress (This is page will be updated each time a new element is introduced in the verse).

I accept all the help so please, do tell me if there any mistakes present in the guide in the comment section.


The Arcane : An organization who represent and moderate all werewolves. Once a month, all the pack leaders meet up and talk about affairs.

The High Council : An organization based on a feudalistic system (relationship between Sire and Childe plus vassals) who represent and protect all vampires. The Justicars are the seven representatives agents of the Inner Circle, heads of the High Council. They are charged with adjudicating matters of the Traditions on a wide scale and acting as the eyes, ears, and hands of the Inner Circle. An Archon is a recognized agent of one of the Justicars.

Local Coven : Old established, independent organization who's purpose is to watch over and protect the city from malevolent creatures of the supernatural. It has a big advantage in that its headquarters are located in a library owned by the Coven which has the biggest amount of magic books, forbidden and non-forbidden, in the midwest. The coven is led by High-Priestess Godelieve Van Dijk.

The Order of Hunters : An ecclesiastical organization that has dedicated itself to fighting the supernatural (mostly vampires and werewolves) and protecting humanity. Seems to work like the Hierarchy of the Church. Slayers are taught from a very young age at the Academy.

Angels & Demons

Ask That Guy : Creature that bumps into the night, he can be summoned by asking a question. Twin brother of Nostalgia Critic and younger brother of The Other Guy. They all became part of the supernatural after making a deal with Satan. He is Bennett's second in command.

Beatrice Sharp : High ranking demon from the fifth circle of Hell. He's the piano player of Harvey's band. He's married to Dominic. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] jackfan714).

Bennett the Sage : Dark Lord and ruler of Hell.

Benzaie : Incubus - Winged demon who actively pursues/tempt Suede to make him his. He was banned from Hell by Bennett for sympathizing with an angel. As punishment Benzaie was made into a human until he either drags Suede or Little Miss Gamer down to Hell. Succeeded in his plans of dragging Suede to Hell. After spending time together in Hell, he and Suede have formed a mutual love relationship.

Chaos D1 : Prince who lost his title after squealing on important figures of Hell. His real name is Baal-Berith. He messes around with humans by making them commit crimes. His playground seems to be the "50 Shades of Green and Lattes" just to muck about with the owners. He's very good friends with Benzaie. It was recently revealed that he harbored hidden feelings for him. Attempted to kill Little Miss Gamer to avenge Benzaie, he was stopped by Nostalgia Critic.

Lilith : Succubus - Queen of all the Succubus, friend of Benzaie and Chaos D1. She's capable of turning into a huge dragon. Joined Chaos D1's attempted murder on Little Miss Gamer before being stopped by Nostalgia Critic. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] ladydiskette).

Little Miss Gamer : Suede’s guardian angel whose duty is to protect and heal small children and baby animals who never were given any love by other humans. For sympathizing with a demon, she is to be made a human for one year by Santa Christ, under the name of Sister Mary Lindsay in the covenant of The Blessed Morning, with the mission of observing humans and their way of living. In her previous life, she was a human woman named Eileen Briggs, a mother of four children living in Ireland. She was killed by Tim Inglethrope, a member of the Coven during an invasion of the British army in 17th century Ireland. She transfigured into an angel because of her goodness and devotion to God. Rejoined Heaven after Suede's murder and Linkara's arrest. She was a key figure in the negotiations of Suede's soul.

Mara Wilson : Lower ranked demon and head of a LARPing group.

Ninja Style Dancer: He is high ranking angel who left Heaven but is not considered fallen. He left before Santa Christ became a part of heaven. He's Beatrice Sharp brother. He is in a relationship with both Boffo and Linksano.

The Other Guy : Archangel/Saint - Obtained saint-ity and became Santa Christ after making a deal with Satan.


Boffo the Clown : Pixie - Neighbour of Ninja Style Dancer and Beatrice Sharp. He is in a relationship with both Ninja Style Dancer and Linksano.

Make-over Fairy/Maven : She has a split personality named Maven, a human who aspires to be a vampire. She's one of the daytime employees of the "50 Shades of Green and Lattes". Became Moarte's master after the latter got accidentally involved into the supernatural world.

Tara : The Overqueen of the West. Already a queen before, she killed 13 other queens in order to take control by creating the rank of Overqueen and killed anyone who disagreed with her decisions. There hasn't been a coup d'état on her as other Fae queens living in the US are too scared of her to attempt anything.


80s Chick : Friend of 90s Kid and Spoonette.

90s Kid : 17 year old who lives with his single mother of many boyfriends in miserable conditions but basically squats at Linkara's place. He and Harvey are in a relationship (non-sexual as Harvey insists to wait until 90s kid is 18). He became a vampire during the big battle when he and Harvey were attacked on their date. Part of Spoony's loyalists.

Angela : Step-sister of Smarty. She was attacked by a vampire who tried to kill her and step-brother. Although her step-brother saved her, she ended up in hospital and begged Linkara for Smarty's safety and return. She has been made aware of Smarty's supernatural nature after he confessed it to her. She and Smarty have been accepted into Spoony's Court. She has become Spoony's secretary. Part of Spoony's loyalists. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] ladydiskette).

Burton : Friend of SOI.

Chester A. Bum : Homeless man who found Benzaie and brought him to the community shelter where Little Miss Gamer works. Both him and the ex-angel get along well.

CR : Hunter (a vigilante who usually go after one target, can be an entire species or a single creature of the supernatural). He found Jesuotaku when she was left to die by a group of vampires. He helped in her revenge against her attackers. Since then, they are killing all the vampires they come across, as partners and lovers.

Derek the Bard : One of the librarians of the local college library. He brought back H.P from the dead with science and has to take care of him. Participates at the tabletop gaming sessions with Ursa and Sci-Fi Guy.

Dr. Block : Scientist who was part of a secret government lab to create the perfect human (Ama).

Jesuotaku : Hunter (vigilante who usually go after one target, can be an entire species or a single creature of the supernatural). She got attacked and left for dead by a group of vampires, with the help of her partner and boyfriend, CR, she killed her attackers. Together they are destroying all vampires they come across.

Jew Wario : He was taken away by the Fae and replaced by Yankii J. Managed to come back to the human world, he currently lives by Yankii J's side.

Michaud : The chief of police. He's an ally to Linkara, he covers up supernatural incidents from the public eye.

Moarte : Human - Linkara's lawyer. He works at the most important law firm in the city. Real name is Martin Darcy. Accidentally got involved in the supernatural after witnessing a fight between Make-over Fairy and Paw, resulting in having to join Spoony's court as Maven's pet and having to take a code name (Moarte). He and Maven attend Mara's LARPing sessions. Might be part fae, which explains why he draws the attention of pixies.

Nash : Tara's enforcer, empowered the law of the court and charged with keeping dissident fae obedient. Armed with his sledgehammer, he assisted Tara in 13 coups d'état for her to gain the throne. He has been with the Fae for so long that he forgot his humanity.

Spoonette : Friend of 90s Kid and 80s Chick. She has a crush on Ninja Style Dancer.

That Sci-Fi Guy : He's part of Ursa's tabletop gaming group. Accidentally discovered about the masquerade and was subject to an attempt human sacrifice until Ursa saved him. He's under her protection.


Ama : Amalgam - A creature created through a combination of science and alchemy. She's composed of all the function-able parts of past failed experiments, resulting in her having all of their memories. She was tortured during the majority of her life until Linksano rescued her from her prison cell. Both of them escaped the lab to seek refuge in Spoony's territory. She looks exactly like the woman who Critic loved back in 1666. Currently in a relationship with Nostalgia Critic. She and Linksano escaped the City due to the imminent war against Spoony.

Ashens : Water Sprite (Based on the legend of Mélusine) - He possesses the lower half of a sea-serpent. He is a doctor at the city's hospital. In the 14th century, he became Lord of Lusignan by marrying a noblewoman after helping her proof her innocence. Having his secret revealed, he fled to England where he stayed until the 17th century when boarding the Mayflower to the US. He helped Linkara and Rachel defeating the terrorists vampires that held him and patients hostage at the hospital. He is the one who wrote Suede's autopsy report which accidentally caused Linkara's incrimination. Him being attacked by some rogue vampires was one of the cataclysm that fueled the rebellion against Spoony. Part of the rebellion against Spoony.

Diamanda Hagan : Goddess - Mistress of the realm of Haganstein and of its minions. Goes every Tuesday to the I-Hop. Participates in the sacrifices held by Happy Viking's court.

Dominic : Dragon - Bartender of the Pixel Palace. He's married to Beatrice.

Douchey Mcnitpick : Half-Troll - He's the prosecutor in the court case against Linkara.

Film Brain : Ghost/Poltergeist - Died in a fire in the 1800s, his haunting place became what it is now a I-Hop where he got employed by the Nostalgia Critic.

Happy Viking : Ancient Semi-Immortal - Leader of a court composed of Scandinavian creatures. Frequents The Hanged Man bar in Doylestown. He's friends with Diamanda Hagan. Is in a relationship with Kari.

Harvey Finevoice : Half-Siren - He works as a singer at The Palace. He lives at Linkara's house and is in a relationship with 90s kid. Part of Spoony's loyalists.

Howard Philips Lovecraft : Zombie - Second librarian at the local college library. Resurrected by Derek through a formula from Howard's book. He needs to receive injections to suppress his cravings. Reluctantly accompanies Derek at the tabletop gaming sessions.

Kari : Huldra - Member of Happy Viking's court. She is in a relationship with Happy Viking. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] aunt_zelda).

Linksano : Half-Ghoul - A scientist that helped into the creation of Ama. He was working on a top secret governmental experiment to create the perfect human being. He rescued Ama from her imprisonment where they ran to the City to seek Spoony for protection. His real name is Oscar. He is in a relationship with both Ninja Style Dancer and Boffo. He and Ama escaped the City due to the imminent war against Spoony.

Meg the Magic Gun : Spirit - She inhabits Linkara's magic gun. Whilst waiting for him she stayed by Insano's side.

Nimue : Banshee - One of Beatrice's children. She predicted the death of Suede.

Nostalgia Critic : Immortal - He's immune from the tricks of the supernatural world thanks him being related to Ask That Guy and the Other Guy. He became part of the supernatural after making a deal with Satan. Lost his beloved Catherine, who Ama resembles, on the same night of his death. Currently in a relationship with Ama.

Phil Bunny : Jackalope - Mischievous being who enjoys pranking humans. He and Rantasmo are trusty customers of the "50 Shades of Green and Lattes". He lives and resides in the same part of the woods as Rantasmo.

Pollo : Tengu - Beatrice's third child.

Rantasmo : Faun - Proclaimed by the Nostalgia Chick as her "sassy gay friend". He disguised himself as a human hipster to hide his true nature. He's a loyal customer of the "50 Shades of Green and Lattes". He lives and resides in the same part of the woods as Phil Bunny. Part of the rebellion against Spoony.

Smarty : Dhampir - Half-Vampire and Half-Human, he exhibits a lot of vampiric traits of a vampire but can walk in the daylight unaffected. He's on a quest to find his vampire father. He saved his step-sister from a vampire, during the fight, his vampiric abilities awakened. He and Angela have been accepted into Spoony's court where they have been offered help in the search of Smarty's biological father. He has become one of the daytime employees of the "50 Shades of Green and Lattes". Finally reunited with his father. Part of the rebellion against Spoony.

SOI "Solomon" : Nine Tailed Fox - He's one of Beatrice's children.

Todd in the Shadow : Shadow user/Changeling - He has control over shadows. Member of the Pack. Owns a club reserved to the creature of the supernatural called "The Shadow". Boyfriend of Paw and Roses. Part of the rebellion against Spoony.

Yankii J : Changeling - He previously got switched up with Jew Wario. Managed to stay alive and reach adulthood. Currently lives by Jew Wario's side.

Slayers + Minister of any religion.

Arbutus The Keeper : Guardian in charge of the private records in The Order. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] achika_chan).

Eowyn : Noble slayer from the olden days, predecessor of Luther. She arrived when Spoony just established his Lordship. She was struck of an illness and let herself die by Spoony's hand. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] yersi_fanel).

Father Atherton : Linkara's old teacher at the Order. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] achika_chan).

Gardenia : Granddaughter and apprentice of Arbutus. She has a crush on Welshy thus helping him gather information on The Nomads. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] achika_chan).

Iron Liz : Wanderer Slayer send in by the Order to keep track on Linkara. She helps her slayer friends in their duties. Teamed up with Welshy where the two travel around the country in search of the Nomads and other vampires. She has temporarily replaced Rachel as the City's slayer. At Spoony's request, she is the one to kill him in case Linkara's declared guilty.

Linkara : Newly appointed slayer of the territory/City armed with the Magic Gun given to him by Insano. Prophesied as the Champion. He has a relationship with Spoony and Insano. He became Spoony's consort after the battle with the Order and the High Council. He got arrested for the murder of Suede. In order to achieve a non-guilty verdict and gain the sympathy from the jury, he publicly announced to cutting ties with Spoony.

Luther : Slayer from the olden days. He tried to kill Insano "The Slayer that Never Was" in order to salvage his soul. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] yersi_fanel).

Ma-Ti : Suede's successor and the New priest of St. Priscilla's Open Hospitality Church. He was unaware of the city's status and the supernatural world before moving in. Unknown to him, he possesses magical abilities.

Miles Antwiler : Slayer from the late 19th century, cousin of Spoony and Insano. He was on a quest with another slayer when he visited the captive Insano.

Rachel : Young trainee at the academy. She asks Linkara advices over having a relationship with a vampire. After the battle between the Order, the High Council and the allied forces of all the supernatural associated with Linkara and Spoony; she abandoned the Order and fled with her boyfriend Jaeris to Spoony's territory. She has become Linkara's student and successor. She and Jaeris currently reside in Cinema Snob's house. She is replacing Linkara as the City's new slayer until the latter gets acquitted of his crimes. She broke up with Jaeris after he declared wanting to get rid of Spoony. She has stepped down from her slayer position due to pressure and her pregnancy. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] achika_chan).

Suede : Old priest of St. Priscilla's Open Hospitality Church and guardian of the cemetery against malevolent spirits. His birthplace is the graveyard where his mother died after giving birth to him, he was educated by the previous priest and nuns of the Church. He possesses godly powers. He's beginning to doubt in his faith with the disappearance of Benzaie and Little Miss Gamer. He was killed by an unknown force and got taken away by Benzaie to Hell to become his possession. Upon an agreement with Heaven, he has to spend half of the year in Heaven and the other half in Hell. He and Benzaie have formed a genuine and mutual love relationship.

Welshy : Wayward slayer hunting after Sad Panda's Nomads. It is implied that something happening between them in the past. He has partnered up with Iron Liz to track down vampires all around the country. He had a blood connection with Sad Panda from the fight against the Hunters until he asked Molly to remove it. He joined Happy Viking's court as a sellsword for a brief time. For his service, he received a sword from Happy Viking.


Spoony's Court

80s Dan : Vassal of Cinema Snob and daytime servant of the court.

Cinema Snob : Ex Archeon who joined the Court 30 years after Spoony became Vampire Lord in 1917. He is highly ranked into the Court and deals with the diplomatic affairs of the court. He is in a relationship with Insano.

Fraser : Subordinate and messenger of the court.

Dr. Insano : Seer, Childe and twin brother of Spoony. He was tortured by Ivan and the Inquisitors of the Order for two years, had to be turned by Spoony in order to be saved in 1887. He is "The Slayer That Never Was". He kept the Magic Gun until the Champion's arrival. He's in a relationship with his twin brother and Linkara.

Jaeris : He belonged to the High Council before running away with his girlfriend Rachel after the war between the Order, the High Council and the allied forces of all the supernatural associated with Linkara and Spoony. He was accepted by Spoony into his court under certain conditions, he and Rachel currently reside in Cinema Snob's house. He was turned into a vampire by Sierra, an ex-slave of his family, during the American Civil War in 1863 where he was on the side of the Confederacy. He and Sierra walked the earth for a century before Sierra got killed. He is now Rachel's ex-boyfriend and the father of her unborn child. Appointed leader of the rebellion against Spoony.

Jillian : She's a exemplar tracker and equipped with a silver point whip.

King Tai Ted : Jiangshi - Vassal of Cinema Snob and daytime servant of the court. Instructed Linkara with the rules of the territory.

Lisa Foiles : She's a exemplar tracker and equipped with multiple guns.

Marzgurl : She hangs out with Nostalgia Chick and teases Spoony. She was a suffragette, which made her a disappointment in her family's eye. In 1867, when she and Nostalgia Chick were on their way to a protest rally, they were attacked and turned by a vampire who wanted them to become the brides of two of his childe. They murdered their bridegrooms and escaped into the unknown. Together in 1993, they bought an old Ma and Pa store and turned it into the "50 Shades Of Green and Lattes", a bookstore and cafe that is open to humans by day and to the supernatural by night. Part of the rebellion against Spoony.

Nora and Alex : Inseparable duo and underlings of Spoony. They were accepted into the court after proving themselves to Spoony in spite of them trespassing and breaking the territory's laws. They were turned by a man called Joey Martello, a veteran from the Vietnam war. He picked up when they were hitchhiking and taught them how to fight. He was mysteriously killed in Washington DC. Both escaped the City due to the imminent war against Spoony. (OCs of [livejournal.com profile] aunt_zelda).

Nostalgia Chick : She hangs out with Marzgurl and teases Spoony, and her other favourite target Nostalgia Critic. Her and Marzgurl were killed and turned by vampire on their way to a suffragette protest rally in 1867. The vampire had in mind of making them brides for two of his childe. They plotted to kill the bridegrooms and escaped from their Sire. Both women transformed an old Ma and Pa shop they bought in 1993 into the "50 Shades Of Green and Lattes". A bookstore and cafe that is open to humans by day and to the supernatural by night. Real name is Lucy. Part of the rebellion against Spoony.

Scarlett : Highly ranked into the Court, she's Spoony's 2nd right hand man. She was one of the first vampires joining his court. She is to become Spoony's successor if Linkara is declared guilty.

Spoony : Vampire Lord of the Territory/City. He was turned into his state hundred of years ago (1885) by Ivan and forced him to be his Childe. He regularly helps Linkara with his adventures who he is in a relationship with. Also in a relationship with his twin. Real name is Noah Antwiler. He decided to abdicate and get killed as promised by Iron Liz if Linkara gets declared guilty.

Team Four Stars (Kaiser Neko, Lapinator, Masakox, Megami, Takahata, Little Kuriboh) : Commando squad of the court.

Team Snob (Brian, Jake, Jerrid, Sarah) : Vassals of Cinema Snob and daytime servants of the court.


Cat : Childe and wife of Sad Panda. Newly added member of the Nomads as she got turned in 2011. She's in conflict with her vampire nature and humanity. She's a replacement lover of Marie-Madeleine-Marguerite d'Aubray for Sad Panda.

Dena : Childe of Sad Panda. Her real name is Denise, mistress to a nobleman. She was found guilty of witchcraft by the nobleman's wife for making her barren and miscarrying. Dena was turned by Sad Panda in her cell and together they killed the wife after making her write a confession. She is Phelous' lover, they met each other in 1848.

Ed Glaser : Man with a mysterious past, was the 1rst member of the Nomads. He was known in the past as Christophe Glaser, a Swiss pharmacist, working at the Jardin Royal des Plantes (Royal Garden of Plants), suspected of creating the poison used in the Affair of Poisons. Godin de Sainte-Croix was a student of his. He died in 1672 when he was turned at Sad Panda's request by Ignatius, originally was supposed to be food for Sad Panda. After Marguerite's death, he joined Sad Panda in his flee from Lady Avonlea and Ignatius.

Goggles : Childe of Ed Glaser. She was a prostitute in France in 1875 before being picked up by Ed Glaser.

Luke : Childe of Dena and Phelous. He was a Canadian seeking fortune in Chicago, in 1912, but was killed before managing anything.

Mike J : Childe of Sad Panda. His real name is Michael, a marine from an aristocrat family fallen from grace and into debt. He was turned in 1865.

Sad Panda : Leader of the Nomads. His real name is Captain Godin de Sainte-Croix, lover of Marie-Madeleine-Marguerite d'Aubray, famous from being involved in the "Affair of the Poisons". He "died" in 1672. He was sired by Lady Avonlea, an aristocrat vampire. He killed all of Marguerite's executors when learning of her death. He and Ed Glaser ran away from the aristocratic siblings. He has vague prophetic dreams. He had a blood connection with Welshy, which he used to torment the latter until it got removed.

Phelous : His real name is Philip, a Canadian soldier. Lover of Dena. Searches for Cinema Snob when in the city, after their sexual encounter in the woods in 1816.

The Twins : Nothing is known about them except that they were killed by a slayer named Robert Armitage in Boston in the mid-1800s. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] aunt_zelda)

Other Vampires

Avonlea: Aristocrat who sired Sad Panda. Sister of Ignatius. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] ladydiskette).

Ignatius: Aristocrat who sired Ed Glaser. Brother of Avonlea. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] ladydiskette).

Ivan : Previous Vampire Lord of the city/territory and Spoony's Sire before Spoony killed him and took his place. Tortured Insano to death for his ability. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] yersi_fanel).

Geoffrey Hartwell : Smarty's biological father. He reunited with his son after infiltrating Spoony's court on orders of the High Council. Part of the rebellion against Spoony. He has volunteered to be the one who kills Spoony and take over the city as the new Overlord. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] butterflyslinky and [livejournal.com profile] ladydiskette).

Seria : One of the seven Justicars of the High Council. She became Spoony's sire after Ivan got killed, she taught him on how to become a Vampire Lord and the inner-workings of the High Council. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] yersi_fanel).

Sierra : Ex-slave who belonged to Jaeris' family before running away. Turned Jaeris into a vampire after the latter got shot. He was killed by a hunter in 1957.

Tar : He was part of Ivan's court, helped and joined Spoony's side as he was against Ivan's actions. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] yersi_fanel).

Warlocks & Witches

Daphne: One of the High Priestess's spell scribes. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] ladydiskette).

Godelieve Van Dijk : High Priestess of the Local Coven. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] fuzzywezzy).

Molly : She lives in Doylestown. She heals Welshy , for a price, when he is injured and in the area. She's an acquaintance of Happy Viking. She removed the blood connection between Welshy and Sad Panda through a ritual with the help of Emile and Violet, two other magic practitioners. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] aunt_zelda).

Nella : She's one of the daytime employees at the "50 Shades of Green and Lattes".

The Porn Critic : Pronomancer. Ursa's roommate who partakes in magic rituals with. Attempted to sacrifice Sci-Fi Guy after the latter accidentally found out about the masquerade.

Pushing up Roses : Alpha Female of the Pack. She's the bartender at Todd's club. Girlfriend of Paw and Todd. Part of the rebellion against Spoony.

Rap Critic : One of the youngest warlock in the Coven. Mostly partnered up with Nella during missions.

Tim Inglethrope : Coven member from the 17th century who was trialed for having used an unauthorized spell to kill a human (Little Miss Gamer). He aided the British invade Ireland. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] ladydiskette).

Sursum Ursa : She recently arrived in the city and shares an apartment with the Porn Critic. She's licensed by Linkara to investigate minor paranormal activities. Rescued Sci-Fi Guy from a human sacrifice, resulting in her becoming his caretaker to protect him from the supernatural. Joined a tabletop gaming group.


Caine : Tyrannic leader of a werewolf pack that Oancitizen and Paw were part of. He was killed by Paw. (OC of [livejournal.com profile] astra_aurora).

Oancitizen : Paw's old lover from when he was still in Caine's pack. After Caine's death he became the new leader of the pack, they now function on a more modern mindset.

Obscurus Lupa : Newly turned werewolf who, on Spoony's advice, went to Paw and his pack. She's a waitress at Todd's club. Part of the rebellion against Spoony.

Paw : Alpha Male of the Pack. He's the DJ at Todd's club. He's hated by the Arcane for not becoming the new pack leader after killing Caine and fleeing instead. He's in charge of all the werewolves in town. He was tortured a long time ago by Tara. Part of the rebellion against Spoony.

Not Appeared Yet

8-bit Mickey
Angry Joe - He is a Slayer according to [livejournal.com profile] achika_chan's notes.
Dr. Gonzo
Eric Power
Guru Larry (and Wez)
Happy Harry
Handsome Tom
Kyle Justin
Leon Thomas (from Renegate Cut)
Lord Hebe
Mike Ellis
Professor Celluloid
That Jewish Guy
The Last Angry Geek
Sean (Hopewithinchaos)
Video Game Awesome crew sans Fraser (Becky, Ben, Kyle, Deacon, Baby Hank)
Y Ruler of Time

Timelines + Useful links

Official Timeline
The detailed ending of the Denny's verse
Timeline of all the fanfictions However not all of them are included in this timeline.
List of all the fanfictions in the verse
Denny's Court Magic Rules Masterpost
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